Class: Atk::Socket

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#embed(plug_id) ⇒ nil

Embeds the children of an Atk::Plug as the children of the Atk::Socket. The plug may be in the same process or in a different process.

The class item used by this function should be filled in by the IPC layer (usually at-spi2-atk). The implementor of the AtkSocket should call this function and pass the id for the plug as returned by atk_plug_get_id(). It is the responsibility of the application to pass the plug id on to the process implementing the Atk::Socket as needed.


  • plug_id (String)

    the ID of an Atk::Plug


  • (nil)


Determines whether or not the socket has an embedded plug.


  • (TrueClass)

    TRUE if a plug is embedded in the socket


Creates a new Atk::Socket.


  • (Atk::Object)

    the newly created Atk::Socket instance