Module: GLib::SpawnFlags

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no flags, default behaviour

0 or :default

the parent’s open file descriptors will

be inherited by the child; otherwise all descriptors except stdin,
stdout and stderr will be closed before calling exec() in the child.
1 or :leave_descriptors_open

the child will not be automatically reaped;

you must use g_child_watch_add() yourself (or call waitpid() or handle
`SIGCHLD` yourself), or the child will become a zombie.
2 or :do_not_reap_child

argv` need not be an absolute path, it will be

looked for in the user's `PATH`.
4 or :search_path

the child’s standard output will be discarded,

instead of going to the same location as the parent's standard output.
8 or :stdout_to_dev_null

the child’s standard error will be discarded.

16 or :stderr_to_dev_null

the child will inherit the parent’s standard

input (by default, the child's standard input is attached to `/dev/null`).
32 or :child_inherits_stdin

the first element of ‘argv` is the file to

execute, while the remaining elements are the actual argument vector
to pass to the file. Normally g_spawn_async_with_pipes() uses `argv[0]`
as the file to execute, and passes all of `argv` to the child.
64 or :file_and_argv_zero

if ‘argv` is not an abolute path,

it will be looked for in the `PATH` from the passed child environment.
Since: 2.34
128 or :search_path_from_envp

create all pipes with the ‘O_CLOEXEC` flag set.

Since: 2.40
256 or :cloexec_pipes