Module: GdkPixbuf::InterpType

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Nearest neighbor sampling; this is the fastest

and lowest quality mode. Quality is normally unacceptable when scaling
down, but may be OK when scaling up.
0 or :nearest

This is an accurate simulation of the PostScript

image operator without any interpolation enabled.  Each pixel is
rendered as a tiny parallelogram of solid color, the edges of which
are implemented with antialiasing.  It resembles nearest neighbor for
enlargement, and bilinear for reduction.
1 or :tiles

Best quality/speed balance; use this mode by

default. Bilinear interpolation.  For enlargement, it is
equivalent to point-sampling the ideal bilinear-interpolated image.
For reduction, it is equivalent to laying down small tiles and
integrating over the coverage area.
2 or :bilinear

This is the slowest and highest quality

reconstruction function. It is derived from the hyperbolic filters in
Wolberg's "Digital Image Warping", and is formally defined as the
hyperbolic-filter sampling the ideal hyperbolic-filter interpolated
image (the filter is designed to be idempotent for 1:1 pixel mapping).
**Deprecated**: this interpolation filter is deprecated, as in reality
it has a lower quality than the <b>GDK_INTERP_BILINEAR</b> filter
(Since: 2.38)
3 or :hyper