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Gtk::AppChooser is an interface that can be implemented by widgets which allow the user to choose an application (typically for the purpose of opening a file). The main objects that implement this interface are Gtk::AppChooserWidget, #GtkAppChooserDialog and #GtkAppChooserButton.

Applications are represented by GIO GApp::Info objects here. GIO has a concept of recommended and fallback applications for a given content type. Recommended applications are those that claim to handle the content type itself, while fallback also includes applications that handle a more generic content type. GIO also knows the default and last-used application for a given content type. The Gtk::AppChooserWidget provides detailed control over whether the shown list of applications should include default, recommended or fallback applications.

To obtain the application that has been selected in a Gtk::AppChooser, use gtk_app_chooser_get_app_info().

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Instance Method Details


Returns the currently selected application.


  • (Gio::AppInfo)

    a GApp::Info for the currently selected application, or nil if none is selected. Free with g_object_unref()


Returns the current value of the Gtk::AppChooser:content-type property.


  • (String)

    the content type of self. Free with g_free()


Reloads the list of applications.


  • (nil)