Class: Gtk::VScale

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#new(adjustment) ⇒ Gtk::Widget

Creates a new Gtk::VScale.


  • adjustment (Gtk::Adjustment)

    the Gtk::Adjustment which sets the range of the scale.


#new_with_range(min, max, step) ⇒ Gtk::Widget

Creates a new vertical scale widget that lets the user input a number between min and max (including min and max) with the increment step. step must be nonzero; it’s the distance the slider moves when using the arrow keys to adjust the scale value.

Note that the way in which the precision is derived works best if step is a power of ten. If the resulting precision is not suitable for your needs, use gtk_scale_set_digits() to correct it.


  • min (Float)

    minimum value

  • max (Float)

    maximum value

  • step (Float)

    step increment (tick size) used with keyboard shortcuts