Class: Pango::FontFace

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Returns the family, style, variant, weight and stretch of a Pango::FontFace. The size field of the resulting font description will be unset.


  • (Pango::FontDescription)

    a newly-created Pango::FontDescription structure holding the description of the face. Use pango_font_description_free() to free the result.


Gets a name representing the style of this face among the different faces in the Pango::FontFamily for the face. This name is unique among all faces in the family and is suitable for displaying to users.


  • (String)

    the face name for the face. This string is owned by the face object and must not be modified or freed.


Returns whether a Pango::FontFace is synthesized by the underlying font rendering engine from another face, perhaps by shearing, emboldening, or lightening it.


  • (TrueClass)

    whether face is synthesized.

#list_sizes(sizes, n_sizes) ⇒ nil

List the available sizes for a font. This is only applicable to bitmap fonts. For scalable fonts, stores nil at the location pointed to by sizes and 0 at the location pointed to by n_sizes. The sizes returned are in Pango units and are sorted in ascending order.


  • sizes (Array<Integer>)

    location to store a pointer to an array of int. This array should be freed with g_free().

  • n_sizes (Integer)

    location to store the number of elements in sizes


  • (nil)