Class: PangoFc::Decoder

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Class structure for Pango::FcDecoder.

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#get_charset(fcfont) ⇒ fontconfig::CharSet

Generates an Fc::CharSet of supported characters for the fcfont given. The returned Fc::CharSet will be a reference to an internal value stored by the Pango::FcDecoder and must not be modified or freed.



  • (fontconfig::CharSet)

    the Fc::Charset for fcfont; must not be modified or freed.

#get_glyph(fcfont, wc) ⇒ Pango::Glyph

Generates a Pango::Glyph for the given Unicode point using the custom decoder. For complex scripts where there can be multiple glyphs for a single character, the decoder will return whatever glyph is most convenient for it. (Usually whatever glyph is directly in the fonts character map table.) covered by the font.


  • fcfont (PangoFc::Font)

    a Pango::FcFont to query.

  • wc (Integer)

    the Unicode code point to convert to a single Pango::Glyph.


  • (Pango::Glyph)

    the glyph index, or 0 if the glyph isn’t